The Bikes

I’ve got a few, more than a few actually and I’ve also got quite a lot of ‘not-quite’ bikes that I keep promising to build up but never finding the time (probably because I’m always out riding if I’m not at work). These are the bikes that you’re likely to catch me on the most…


The newest addition to my bike family. In 2018 I was lucky enough to become a Kinesis Brand Ambassador and was given an RTD to complete all of my long-distance events on. It’s quickly become my ‘go-to’ bike for round the year riding long-distance riding. If you want to find out more about you can read my review here.


When Julie and I took part in the TCR back in 2017 we encountered a lot of gravel along the way. We didn’t fare well on it initially, especially on our 25c skinny tyres, but eventually I started to enjoy it and back home after the race had finished, I decided I wanted to explore gravel riding a little bit more. To do this I needed a bike so I got my self a Tripster and have been having great fun off-road on it ever since, taking part in the Dirty Reiver in April 2018 and leading gravel rides locally for the Peak Brevettes. It’s still a challenge but that’s half the fun. You can read me initially review of Tripster here

Kinesis racelight TK3 (Teacake)

My trusty Kinesis TK3 has taken me all around the UK and Europe. I bought it back in 2013 to use as a winter training bike but it’s such a comfortable set-up for me that for many years it was my long-distance tourer and bike packing bike. It’s the bike that I rode the Paris-Brest-Paris on in 2015 and the TCR on it in 2017. It’s got an Ultegra semi-compact (36-52) groupset coupled with a 11-32 cassette, so there’s not much that I can’t climb up with that set-up. For year-round riding in all conditions I’ve fitted long-drop brakes for good mudguard clearance – I can take the mudguards off in Summer but to be honest I very rarely do. An Exposure Revo dynamo hub and light set completes the long-distance picture.

Cannondale Super Six Evo (Scone)

My superfast bike. It only comes out in summer when there’s not much chance of a shower and it’s so light and responsive that it feels like cheating. Definitely no mudguards on this one.

Brompton three-speed (Pudding)

My little town commuter. Bromptons get a bad rep from ‘proper cyclists’ but I flippin’ love nipping around town on mine. It’s way more convenient than having a full-size bike to consider and I never have to worry about whether I’ll be able to fit it on the train. If you’ve ever considered buying a folding bike don’t even think about getting anything other than a Brompton. I know they cost a bomb (I bought mine second-hand) but they’re worth every penny. No other folding bike folds as well as a Brompton – fact.